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If you have an appliance that needs immediate attention, take this step now:

  • Call (248) 892-2349

A technician will speak with you, discuss the problem and set the appointment. That’s it. We’ll be there.

It’s a good idea to know something about the people coming to work in your home. So, if you have a few minutes, we’d like to tell you a little about ourselves.

If you’ve looked at the home pages of local appliance repair business websites, you’ve noticed that they all say much the same thing. It goes like this:

(insert company name here) services most residential and commercial major appliances. All of our service technicians are experienced, well-trained and polite. – (owner name)

AG Appliance Repair can say that too. But, while factory training and experience are essential, there is more to it than that: the people. And, in the end, that is what separates us from the crowd.

We “get” what’s going on in your life. We live and work close to every one of our customers … the ones who offer us cookies after the washer is fixed and the ones who eye us nervously as we total up the bill. We’ve been guests at an upscale barbecue after completing a repair and, acting on individual impulse, we’ve dropped a few cans of infant formula off after work to help someone over a rough spot. We like to think that, when we leave your home after completing the work you requested, we have begun a friendship … one we can renew when next we see each other.

Like any business, in order to make our payroll and cover our expenses, by the end of the day we’ve got to make a profit. But we aren’t trying to squeeze anyone for the most money possible – we’re trying to do excellent work at a fair price. If we do this, we know that you will call on us again. As a matter of fact, after you’ve called the number above, why not print out our $25 coupon to reduce the price of the repair even more?

We also are not trying to undercut the price of every novice with a pair of pliers. The factory training and the specialized tools we invest in are expensive and must be kept current. The payoff for us, and for you, is a job done right the first time. It is far better to have a guarantee and not need it than to need a guarantee and not have it. We offer a labor + materials guarantee that we don’t think you’ll ever need. But, if you do, it’s there.

We know that doing a good job for you will translate into referrals and testimonials*. In time, we will do work for your friends and family and then, through their referrals, for their friends and families, too. That means that your appliances will work and our business will grow. As Martha Stewart would say, “that’s a good thing.” You win, we win, the people you refer us to win.

We’re not going anywhere. We “get” metro-Detroit. And Birmingham. And Livonia and Dearborn Heights and Northville, too. And we hope that you “get” us. We’ll come to your house (or business), fix your appliances, charge you fairly and leave you smiling, satisfied and confident when we leave. That’s as authentic as a repair service can get and we are already there.

Our low service fee includes any needed diagnostic tests, so there are no separate charges to surprise you. For $29.95 you will, at the very least, know what’s wrong with your appliance and what it will take to make a proper repair. We do good work, clean up after ourselves and automatically include a parts and service warranty.

There is also a Senior Citizen discount for those who qualify.

Because we know that your broken refrigerator or freezer can’t wait we offer after-hours, weekend and holiday service hours.

We service all types of major appliances, residential and commercial.

  • We are EPA certified and licensed to add Freon and replace compressors


Call (248) 892-2349 to schedule an appointment

AG Appliance Repair is a family-owned appliance repair and appliance service company centrally located in Detroit to readily serve all of Detroit and surrounding suburbs. Our goal is to provide fast, professional service at fair rates. We provide LG factory trained and certified technical support and we are an AHS Trusted Contractor.

* A testimonial is a lot like a personal referral, except that it can be seen world-wide. If you’ve been our customer at any time in the past, we’d appreciate it if you would leave a testimonial for others to see. Please include your city. Thank you.

Revised 11/06/2010

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